Advisory Services

We Can Help You

Fund Raise

We can help lead you close your fund raise. The right money. The right names. The right fit for your project.


We all have strengths. Dealmaking is ours. We do a good job to ensure the best win win scenario is achieved.

KOLS, Influencers, Launchpads

Our friends can be your friends. Between our portfolio of projects, our presence, networks and know hows, we can suggest and create the right fit of influencers/launchpads ensuring the success of your project.

Exchange & Listings

You can fill out the form and hope. Or we can help connect you with the right people and make it happen.


Get top tier PR & media exposure (think BIG!. That’s us.)


Help you create partnerships utilizing our high level networks, in and out of the crypto world.


Navigate the ecosystem saving you time and effort so you can focus on doing what you do best – focussing on your project.


We do not reply to all emails. Don't spam.

State who you are, your project, what you are doing, what you want to achieve and how we could be of value to you? If you take the time to fill in the right info, and if we see a positive fit, we will call you.